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Three "NO" of balancer

There are certain restrictions on the use of balancers, but this kind of restriction is an effective way to ensure a safer and more convenient use. Here are three "no" topics.


No tight hanging

When using the balancer, it is necessary to hang the tool up first, but this is not an arbitrary operation that can be completed. Its layout is regular. In addition to not being tight, uneven parameters should also be done. Its purpose is to ensure that the tool does not collide before.

No overload

The use of tools is forbidden to overload, because the heavy weight will slow down the running speed of the tools, and the tools will suffer great friction. Severe punishment will also lead to overload accidents.

No excessive friction

When using, it should be vertical to the tool, otherwise the steel wire rope will cause great friction to the tool when pulling, and the tool will be damaged over time, which will affect the use.

If you know that the balancer is not allowed to use the three, then your operation will definitely bring you a favorable impact.