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Intelligent folding arm crane Features

Intelligent folding arm crane is a convenient and efficient product. The product can move to the designated position conveniently and quickly in the process of work, so as to reduce the working time and efficiency. Let's introduce the advantages of intelligent folding arm crane.

1. Will be an extension of your arm
The intelligent folding arm crane breaks through the double speed, stepless speed change, lifting speed, and the accuracy of the product in the use process is high, the balance mode, up and down freely with photoelectric induction, to prevent accidental collision. Refuse to overload, work can enter safely, and have power-off protection to make your work worry free

2. Handle configuration options
The product is equipped with an independent follow-up handle, which can be pulled parallel to the shaft, and can be accurately controlled during use

3. Easy to install, quick to install and ready to use
Before the use of the intelligent folding arm crane, the installation is simple and rapid, and the process of use is more flexible. It is designed in sections, easy to install and transport, and can be customized

4. Perfect substitute for elevator
The intelligent folding arm crane is flexible and versatile, especially suitable for fragile items, and optimizes the assembly process of which items need to be transferred with high precision and fast 

5. Widely used
This product is mainly used for auxiliary work, and it is mainly used for construction machinery, electronic manufacturing, airport, metal processing, auto parts and other industries. Intelligent folding boom crane can save working time and reduce overall cost to the greatest extent.