Products Feature

AI Intelligent Hoist Feature

 Ai series intelligent hoist intelligent control as the core, adopts the servo motor drive system with the industry-leading, precision planetary gear reducer, the real implementation of the material handling and assembly of high speed, precision and safety, for the enterprise greatly increase production efficiency and provides a real and tangible option to reduce labor costs.

Product advantage:

Break through double speed, stepless speed change

Ai series intelligent hoist breaks through the traditional double speed control mode of the high-end lifting device, and realizes the stepless speed change control truly. The Ai series intelligent hoist can operate at any speed you need at no more than the maximum running speed.

Up and down, speed, precision, degree

Ai series intelligent hoist with the traditional high-end lifting device can not be compared to the 60m/min ultra-high lift speed and unparalleled 5mm/s ultra high precision, is the fastest and most accurate lifting device.

Balance mode, up and down freely

Ai series intelligent hoist has a "force balance mode", in which the operator can use the small force, so that the load can run up and down with both hands.

Photoelectric induction prevents touch

A photoelectric sensing device of Ai series intelligent elevator, can the normal operation of automatic recognition of hand, when the operator error touch operation device of intelligent elevator will still maintain the original state unchanged, effectively prevent the misoperation and avoid accident.

No overloading, no security rebound

Ai intelligent hoist can stop automatically when overloading. Intelligent hoist has weight sensing function, when the load exceeds the specified value, the hoist stops movement. Ai intelligent hoist has anti rebound function, when the load weight changes suddenly, the equipment will not rebound or offset, reduce the occurrence of serious accidents.

Power-off protection, let you worry free

The Ai type intelligent hoist is equipped with electromagnetic brake. When the equipment is cut off unexpectedly, the load will be momentarily braked to keep it in place, providing the safety for the operator.