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Why is the pneumatic balancer so important?

Automobile manufacturing production lines, shipbuilding, precision machining, etc. Heavy load handling, lifting, and processing occasions are not unfamiliar to pneumatic balancers, and pneumatic balancers are increasingly recognized.

1. Development trends and changes in concepts: With the continuous development of the times and industrial technology, there is a higher demand for the selection of lifting tools. People are no longer limited to meeting the basic requirements of operations, but also want to improve their work on the basis of the original. Efficiency, reduced labor intensity, operational risk, and the pursuit of easier and labor-saving work methods.
2. Driven by specific working environment: production in clean room, food workshop, etc. Pneumatic balancer is driven by air source, containing cleaning system, which is more clean and environmentally friendly; textile/petrochemical/automobile manufacturing needs frequent handling and easy In the case of explosive and dusty, the pneumatic balancer can achieve more labor and safety than the electric and manual lifting tools.
Pneumatic balancer application field

3. Positioning accuracy requirements: The suspension characteristics of the pneumatic balancer can manually raise the load to the specified position in the suspension range. Compared with the traditional electric hoist, chain hoist and pneumatic hoist, it is more suitable for occasions with high positioning accuracy.
And the technology is constantly developing and mature, and the quality and safety of the pneumatic balancer are also guaranteed