Electric Pallet Truck
  • Electric Pallet Truck

  • description:The Ride type platform pallet truck with small turning radius and super light steering system. Widely used in Narrow Space like small market and narrow workshop.




1. Electric walking and lifting: the full electric pallet truck driving wheel, wheel load, balance wheel with special process of rubber / polyurethane wheels, greatly extend the use of ordered; ultra small body design, can be applied to various narrow channel; fast running speed, strong bearing capacity, greatly improve the efficiency; imported stepless speed control computer system,large capacity batteries
2. Multi function handle: operator can start vehicle by electronic lock. Easy to control the speed of travel, if you need to speed up, just turn the handle on the acceleration switch, the greater the rotation, the faster the speed.
3. Delayed acceleration function: if the operator rotates up to the fastest speed, the machine's special working energy will be automatically turned on. It will operate at a low speed for 3 to 8 seconds, so as to avoid too fast speed to cause harm to people.
4. Power off brake function: brakes when the handle is erect, the operation of the handle down to work after the press, according to the end when the brakes, when the downhill when the goods immediately heavy, the operator can also stop on the slope to prevent the car free taxi downhill , to reduce the accident.
5. Five fulcrum structure: unique structure can bring the vehicle a higher stability, especially in the slippery floor or slope, the more play its role.
6. Drive wheel damping system: the pressure of the drive wheel changes with the heavy load, the machine damping system will be based on the light weight of their own goods to reduce their own, especially when the ground is not flat, even more unique role. On the vehicle walking, stability, self-regulation.
7. Battery capacity indicator: easy to grasp the number of battery power, power shortage automatic alarm work.

Technical Parameter:

Full Electric Pallet Truck (stand on,electric driving & lifting)

Semi Electric Pallet Truck (walkie,electric walking & manual hydraulic lifting)

1.5 Ton European Style Electric Pallet Truck (walkie,electric walking & lifting)