Mini Electric Hoist

220V Multifunctional Electric Lifting Hoist
  • 220V Multifunctional Electric Lifting Hoist

  • description:Multifunctional Electric Lifting Hoist is widely used for lifting machine equipment.


220V Multifunctional Electric Lifting Hoist



Products Advantage

Fast Speed     Low Noise     Fast Heat Transfer     Corrosion Resistance



Pure copper cone motor: copper motor, cooling effect is good, just heat is not hot, long service life.With a larger power torque cone-shaped rotor brake asynchronous motor, dispense with additional brake.

Anti-revolving solid wire rope: 19X7 anti-revolving wire rope,ensure to not rotate when lifting goods, avoid safety accident.Big pull capacity and strong toughness, not easy fracture, durable.

Cooling fan: big size thermovent,cooling effect is good, to guarantee the machine running performance balance.

Environmental protection aluminum shell: delicate appearance, light weight, good heat dissipation, small vibration, low noise, waterproof and dustproof corrosion protection, energy saving, high performance, long service life.It is better than other ordinary cast iron hoist in the market.

Thickened base: the base is equipped with eight screw holes, exclusive design more stable.

Reducer: use three-stage fixed-axis helical gear transmission mechanism,the gears and gear shafts are made of heat-treated alloy steel. The box and box cover are made of high-quality cast aluminum, which is tightly packed and sealed well.

Control box: it is a device that can cut off the main circuit in an emergency and with an upper and lower stroke protection section fire limiter.


Technical Parameter



 Power supply


 Max Lifting capacity

 500kg for single line,1000kg for double line

 Max Lifting Height

 30 meters for single line,15 meters for double line

 Rated Lifting Speed (m/min)


 Wire Rope Diameter (mm)


 Wire Rope Breaking Force (n/m2)


 Insulation Level


 Ingress Protection


 G.W./N.W.  (Kg)


 Packing Size (mm)