ATB pneumatic balancer

ENDO ATB pneumatic balancer
  • ENDO ATB pneumatic balancer

  • description:ENDO ATB pneumatic balancer is a kind of unit equipped with floating load lifting device, is used to assist operators manual selection, lifting, moving and placing items, due to the use of air pressure as power source, little weight lifting objects.


Product superiority:


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Pneumatic balancer speed and flexibility makes it the perfect substitutes elevator, afraid is particularly suited to deal with fragile goods.

Pneumatic balancer optimized for high precision and fast smooth transfer objects that need to assembly process, such as aircraft manufacturing, solar energy and automotive industry. It is also ideal lifting device maintenance and industrial production operations.


Easy operation

More efficient operation

>Reduce lead times

>Lifting/drop speed significantly faster than the chain hoist. According to the different patterns of the speed of 1.5 m/s


Improve security

>Avoid overloading

>Don't need electricity

>Eliminates the hoisting/decline is not stable in the process of moving


High practicability and humanized design

>Easy to maintain

>A comfortable working environment, cleaner, more quiet

>Can directly control the load balance control system in 3 - d mobile, uninterrupted quickly, don't need to use a button or lever control process

>High precision